Artists and Aliens of Extraordinary Ability

O-1 Visa

Foreign nationals of extraordinary ability in the sciences, art, music, education, business, or athletics can apply for this type of visa. Essential support individuals accompanying or assisting the foreign national of extraordinary ability and their family members may come as well. Those in the sciences, education, business, and athletic fields are subject to a stricter standard than individuals in the arts and foreign nationals of extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or TV industries. A company or agent must file on behalf of the foreign national. To qualify as an alien of extraordinary ability, specific criteria must be met and that will depend on the applicant's field of endeavor. Foreign nationals of extraordinary ability may qualify for permanent residence and can even self-petition if they meet the criteria set forth in the law

P-1 Visa

Artists, athletes and entertainers are authorized to enter the U.S. to attend a specific event, competition or performance with this type of visa. The applicant may renew or extend the visa for up 10 years. A petitioner or sponsor (who could be the applicant's own agent) is required in this type of visa. Essential support personnel of P-1 visa holders may come as well.

P-2 Visa

Foreign troupes or bands who wish to enter into the United States temporarily to perform as part of an exchange program in order to perform as an entertainer or artist may apply for this type of visa. The P-2 applicant may come as part of a group, or individually as part of a reciprocal exchange.

P-3 Visa

Foreign nationals coming temporarily to the U.S. to perform, teach, or coach as artists or entertainers, individually or as part of a group, under a commercial or non-commercial program that is considered as culturally unique may come under this visa. Evidence of the foreign national’s skills and experience is required and although this visa is generally granted for up to one year, extensions are allowed.